The project consists of three workpackages:

  • Workpackage 1 analyses the competitiveness of the economy of Baden-Wuerttemberg based on a multi-indicator approach covering productivity and wealth, cost competitiveness and technological competitiveness.
  • Workpackage 2 focuses on potential risks in the area of foreign trade and looks on foreign direct investment in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  
  • Workpackage 3 deals with the role of disruptive changes in technology and demand, with a focus on automotive, machinery, services and key enabling technologies. In addition, the development of a shrinking share of innovative SMEs will be analysed in more depth.

Selected Publications


Berger, Marius, Bernhard Boockmann, Gabriel Felbermayr, Charlotte Klempt, Andreas Koch, Wilhelm Kohler, Christian Lerch, Peter Neuhäusler and Christian Rammer (2017), Strukturanalyse und Perspektiven des Wirtschaftsstandortes Baden-Württemberg im nationalen und internationalen Vergleich, Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen, Mannheim, München und Karlsruhe. Download