In the Science4KMU research project, cooperation partners investigate the obstacles to technology transfer. The goal is to develop a model for the cooperation between research organisations and R&D-intensive small and middle-size companies. For this, tools are being developed to identify technology-oriented SMEs that are willing to cooperate and will lead to an intensive cooperation with research organisations working in basic research. For this, researchers are investigating the question of how a trusting contact between SMEs and research organisations and a long-term collaboration can be built up to create innovative products together.

The INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials, ibo-Institute for Industrial Computing and Company Organisation of the HTW and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) are working together on Science4KMU. These cooperation partners are researching the technology transfer in the field of materials science, a so-called interdisciplinary field. INM coordinates the project. At the end of the project a manual will be developed that can also serve as a model applicable to other interdisciplinary fields. To create this, the INM and ibo-Institute are researching which personnel, asset and financial resources research organisations and medium sized companies require to concretely implement innovative ideas. The ZEW wants to identify the SMEs that are suitable for technology transfer and that can act as cooperation partners for research organisations in commercialisation projects.