This SEEK project aimed at a deeper understanding of inequalities both within and across regions in Germany and Europe. The project hence combines expertise in Regional Labour and Public Economics and mainly seeks to contribute to the question how distributional outcomes in terms of living conditions both within and across regions are driven by regionally homogeneous as well as regionally differentiated fiscal and labour market policies. In light of regional disparities in economic and social conditions, homogeneous policies may well strengthen regional disparities and increase inequalities rather than reduce them. At the same time, regionally differentiated instruments for individuals and regions might well foster favorable distributional outcomes. By using micro-econometric analyses based on linked individual and regional level data, the project hence contributes insights on how to ensure less inequality in terms of the living conditions across and within regions.

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

Ben Yahmed, Sarra and Pamela Bombarda (2019), Gender, Informal Employment and Trade Liberalization in Mexico, The World Bank Economic Review 34(2), 259–283. Download

Discussion and Working Papers

Arntz, Melanie, Sarra Ben Yahmed and Francesco Berlingieri (2019), Working from Home: Heterogeneous Effects on Hours Worked and Wages, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 19-015, Mannheim. Download

Gehrsitz, Markus and Martin Streng (2016), Jobs, Crime, and Votes – A Short-run Evaluation of the Refugee Crisis in Germany, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 16-086, Mannheim. Download

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