The financial sector is undergoing fundamental changes. Typical features of this structural change are the continued internationalisation of business, productivity increases in standardised financial services due to developments in information technology, and changes in the product portfolio of financial service providers resulting from new distribution channels and business processes. These structural changes have already led to adaptations in the volume and structure of employment, which might continue on an even larger scale in the future. The purpose of the research project was to determine the essential reasons that were decisive for the employment trend for financial service providers in the past and to infer from there - while giving special regard to the technology-induced structural change in this sector - prognoses for future employment potentials and qualification profiles. In conclusion, the project describes optimum framework conditions to benefit as much as possible from long-term employment potential.

Selected Publications

Monographs, Contributions to Edited Volumes

Gerke, Wolfgang, Carlo Beck, Ralf Peters, Daniel Schäffner, Michael Schröder and Peter Westerheide (2001), Beschäftigungsperspektiven im Finanzsektor, LLL:citation.label.volume 58, Nomos, Baden-Baden.