The recycling of refrigerating units poses specific challenges to logistics as a significant amount of ozone-depleting CFC emissions will occur from within transport damages to the coolant system on its way from the consumers to the recycling site. Moreover, recovery of the cooling liquid represents but a first step of an ecologically responsible treatment process since the major CFC repository is contained in the refrigerating units´ insulating foam. In Germany several approaches to guaranteeing high standards of CFC recycling were introduced in the 90s. The GTZ project "Substitution of CFC as a Coolant" provides stimulus for profit-based co-operation between German and European technology leaders and industry sectors in the People´s Republic of China. Thus, a feasibility study addressing the recycling of refrigerating units was incorporated to guide decision-makers of the Region of GuangZhou and substantiate the acquisition of additional funds for a pilot project. This objective was contributed to by our methodological discussion of the special case of the two-stage recycling technology for CFC refrigerators with local leaders in order to determine the ecological, economic and politico-institutional aspects of implementing a valid recycling system.