The objective of EUROREX was the implementation of an internet web site on renewable energies. Country specific information and data for 30 European countries were collected as part of the project, systematically arranged, updated and extended. The ZEW was responsible for several countries in the EUROREX daten base: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Austria. Specifically the dissemination of information on the development of renewable energies in Germany was made central to the project. This was acieved primarily through the EUROREX newsletter published every two weeks, available for subscription on the internet at Since November 1999 the project and its services are continued on a commercial basis by the project co-ordinator ESD.


Europäische Kommission, Generaldirektion Energie und Verkehr , Brüssel , BE

Project duration

01.11.1997 - 31.10.1999

Project members

Suhita Osorio-Peters (Coordinator)
Dr. Wolfgang Bräuer

Cooperation partner

Center for Renewable Energy Sources, Athen, GR
Consultores em Tecnologias Energéticas, Lissabon, PT
Department of Buildings and Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, DK
Energy for Sustainable Development, Bath, UK