The research project builds on the results achieved in the previous "Indicative Analysis for Future Directions of Environmental Technologies Research in the State of Baden-Württemberg" by ZEW and Prognos in the year 1997. In that study the broad scope of technologies in industrial environmental measures dealing with waste disposal, recycling, prevention and controlling were already analysed regarding possible future, research-intensive directions. Of course, due to the heterogenity of perspectives, the degree of differentiation concerning the technologies studied remained somewhat macroscopic. The second step in approaching implementation of the research results therefore meant a subsequent in-depth treatment of the identified areas of future environmental technologies. The concrete objective of this follow-up study was to determine clear-cut guidelines capable of directing future research policy in terms of pertinent pilot projects. The investigation revealed that research concerning especially "Recycling and Conservation of Water" and "From Agricultural Bi-Product to Bio-Fuel" possess future potential.