The politically motivated end to the exploitation of nuclear power leads to discussions about the way in which this form of energy generation should be abandoned. In model experiment II of the Forum für Energiemodelle und energiewirtschaftliche Systemanalysen using stylised scenarios and with the help of a harmonized case study and different models, researchers will study the energy- and environment-related and economic and macroeconomic effects caused by abandoning nuclear power in Germany. ZEW is participating in the model experiment with its models DIOGENES and GEM-E3. It is mainly the impacts a renunciation of nuclear energy has on electricity supply and the electricity industry that will be looked into, for instance regarding electricity generation costs and electricity prices. In addition, we will analyse the effects on key macroeconomic indicators like economic growth or the employment situation. Moreover, the environmental effects of abandoning nuclear power on the emission of energy-related air pollutants and greenhouse gases such as CO2 are to be included in the study. A comparison of the results the different models have produced is designed to reveal the decisive determinants.