This project aims to better understand the key enabling technology landscape and the regional reach of the FP7 and Horizon 2020 funding with regard to nanotechnology, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and processing, and industrial biotechnology. Key questions to be answered are: Which are the regions of high and low participation in the NMP+B programme? What regional or local factors can explain this? Which regions over- or underperform compared to local potential? How are research and innovation embedded locally, and what are the spill-over effects? What are regional success factors for research and innovation in different NMP+B key enabling technologies? How can active participation be ensured? How is the programme networked at the inter-regional level?

Selected Publications


Anciaux, David, Eurico Neves, Frans van der Zee, Annelieke van der Giessen, Christian Rammer and Maikel Pellens (2016), Mapping the regional embeddedness of the NMP programme. Final report of the project , European Commission, Brussels. Download