The increasing international integration of labour markets can no longer be sufficiently described along industry sectors or skill categories based on educational achievements. Instead, technological innovations have provided the possibility to break up international production chains into individual tasks the content of which determines their tradability. The changing international division of labour gives rise to profound adjustment processes on European labour markets. Depending on their initial task specialisation, regions differ regarding their exposure to recent trends in globalisation. This poses new challenges to EU policies which aim at reducing regional disparities. Adopting a regional perspective, the project is the first investigation of regional exposure to globalisation and regional task distribution in Europe. It also identifies the effects of globalisation on regional employment outcomes using recent econometric methodologies.


Land Baden-Württemberg , Stuttgart , DE

Project duration

01.11.2013 - 30.11.2014

Project members

Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz (Coordinator)
Dr. Jan Hogrefe
Dr. Ulrich Zierahn (Coordinator)
Bethlehem Asres Argaw, MSc
Dr. Sarra Ben Yahmed
Dr. Terry Gregory
Dr. Marcus Kappler
Dr. Maresa Sprietsma