A trend of more and tighter export restrictions could be observed for many natural resources in recent years. Raw materials used to produce stainless steel are known to be affected in particular. These measures might have notable effects on both resources and steel markets. This project aimed at analysing export restrictions on inputs required for stainless steel production. In a first step, the effects of export restrictions were displayed, taking into account the market power of countries, different types of restrictions, and dynamic effects, among others. After that, reasons explaining the existence of export restrictions were outlined. Both normative arguments and motives stemming from political economy reasoning were taken into consideration. Export restrictions on important inputs for producing stainless steel were then collected and displayed, including developments over time, if possible. To complete the study, future scenarios and options for policy action in Europe were discussed.


KMR Stainless AG , Mülheim an der Ruhr , DE

Project duration

01.02.2013 - 30.09.2013