The programm "Duales Orientierungspraktikum–Studienorientierung schaffen" (abbreviated with DOP) intends to help students in secondary schools in Nordhrhein-Westfalia to improve the match between their competences and job aspirations in an academic track. The research project "Duales Orientierungspraktikum" was conducted on behalf of the govering board Northrhine-Westfalia of the Federal Employment Agency as well as the Institute for Employment Research - the Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agencies. In the subsequent research project "Duales Orpentierungspraktikum - Transition Processes" students from the classroom assessments 2011 and 2012 have been followed up until 2014 to investigate their transition to tertiary education after school. The findings demonstrate that the DOP increased subejct-specific self-efficacy of students with a nonacademic family background. Higher self-efficacy caused more students from this group to attend tertiary education. In this sense the DOP has been successful in reducing social disparities in the transition to tertiary education.

Selected Publications


Mohrenweiser, Jens and Friedhelm Pfeiffer (2014), Forschungsprojekt Duales Orientierungspraktikum – Übergangsprozesse, Regionaldirektion Nordrhein-Westfalen der Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Mannheim. Download

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