The aim of this study is to quantify the long-term economic value added that can be achieved by increasing labor force participation of older workers in Germany. For this purpose, different scenarios regarding the future development of labor force participation of older workers in Germany are developed, which are based on a thorough micro-and macro data examination of the current labor market situation of older people. Then, potential growth effects are calculated for these different scenarios. The comparison of different scenarios with a reference scenario allows estimating the economic value gains arising from greater labor market participation of older workers. Finally it is discussed what policy measures might be appropriate to achieve the increased labor force participation related to the different scenarios and to realize the associated economic value added.

Selected Publications


Bachmann, Ronald, Sebastian Braun, Andreas Friedl, Matthias Giesecke, Dominik Groll, Anica Kramer, Alfredo Paloyo and Andreas Sachs (2012), Demografie und Wachstum: Die gesamtwirtschaftlichen Effekte einer höheren Erwerbstätigkeit Älterer, Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM) GmbH, Mannheim. Download