Research at ZEW

ZEW conducts evidence-based economic policy research on a range of high-visibility topics, including the digital transformation, European integration, and the energy transition.

These are tackled by ZEW’s research units.

Current Publications

Current projects

Laufende Projekte

  1. Project // 01.10.2023 – 30.09.2026

    Private Business Schools in Germany: An Analysis of Competition, Networks and Strategies

    The project examines the role of non-state (private) business schools in Germany. The focus is on the positioning of private business schools in the national and international environment and in competition with…

  2. Project // 01.09.2023 – 28.02.2025

    Development and Analysis of a Data Base for the Evaluation of Outputs and Outcomes of R&D and Innovation Support Programmes Targeting Firms (EVALDAT)

    The aim of the research project is to develop, generate and analyse a firm-level panel data set that can be used to evaluate input, output and behavioural additionality of R&D and innovation funding programmes in…

  3. Project // 01.08.2023 – 30.09.2024

    The interplay between pension policy and individual Health against the background of a changing world of work

    Heterogeneous health trajectories and occupational stresses are crucial for the labor market participation of older persons and thus for the transition to retirement. But how do health trajectories differentiate…

  4. Project // 01.08.2023 – 31.01.2024

    Inheritance tax – An analysis of the economic impact, international tax burden and existing tax planning opportunities in Germany

    Tax burdens in the context of business succession can have an impact on the success of family businesses and influence the decision to pass the business on to the next generation or to sell it. In this context, an…

  5. Project // 01.07.2023 – 30.06.2026

    Private Universities: Economic Significance for Firms and Startups

    Although private universities have a long-standing tradition in many countries, there has been limited research on this type of higher education institution. This knowledge gap also extends to the question of the…

  6. Project // 01.06.2023 – 30.11.2024

    Tapping into People’s Impatience for Better Environmental Subsidies

    This project is concerned with the efficient allocation of subsidies for eco-friendly products. Examples include subsidies for cargo or e-bikes, electric cars, and energy efficient building retrofits. Conceptually…