Research at ZEW

ZEW conducts evidence-based economic policy research on a range of high-visibility topics, including the digital transformation, European integration, and the energy transition.

These are tackled by ZEW’s research units.

Current projects

  1. Project // 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2025

    Market and policy mechanisms for decarbonizing the power sector in the EU and China

    Countries representing more than 65% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and more than 70% of the world economy have committed to achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century. A critical aspect of achieving the goal…

  2. Project // 01.11. – 31.12.2022

    Concept for a monitoring system on knowledge and technology transfer in Switzerland

    This aim of this study is

    1. To identify and describe indicators to be included in a national monitoring of knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) in Switzerland, including the definition of the indicators as well…
  3. Project // 01.11. – 31.12.2022

    Study on Financing and Public Support for Green Start-ups

    The study analyses the potential for green start-ups in Germany as well as the specific financing needs and need for public support of this particular group of new firms. Based on the findings, some principles…

  4. Project // 01.10.2022 – 31.08.2023

    The Incidence of Tax Evasion: Experimental Evidence from Italy

    Economic theory predicts that the incidence of a commodity tax like the Value Added Tax (VAT) will be distributed between buyers and sellers depending on the relative elasticities of supply and demand. Standard…

  5. Project // 15.09.2022 – 31.01.2023

    Experience with the Administration of the German R&D Tax Credit in the Mechanical Engineering Industry

    The aim of the study is to conduct, together with the Association of the German Mechanical Engineering Industry (VDMA), a survey among VDMA member firms on the use of the newly introduced R&D tax credit in…

  6. Project // 01.09.2022 – 31.08.2025

    Horizon Europe: Welfare systems and labour market policies for economic and social resilience in Europe

    Four megatrends - technological transformations, globalisation, climate warming and demographic changes - reshape labour markets, redefine opportunities and risks, and pose new challenges for welfare states in…