The primary objective of the IMPRESS project is to establish a Europe-wide methodological framework for analysing the impact of clean production on employment. In addition, the project will produce empirical results on impacts of cleaner production on employment through its own research. This consists of:

  • Examination of the relationship between eco-innovation, employment and competitiveness based on an analysis of European innovation data banks,
  • in-depth case studies conducted within selected industrial and service sectors,
  • standardized surveys on firms eco-innovation,
  • comparative analysis of the survey and the case study results.

The case studies deal with energetic use of biomass (Italy), refrigerator recycling (Germany), energy saving windows (Switzerland), biotechnology (Netherlands) and green financial services (United Kingdom). An internet discussion group on the topic of clean technology and employment has been installed ( Also papers on the IMPRESS methodology and case study results can be downloaded from the website. The principal deliverables of IMPRESS will take the form of publications in books, journals, newspapers and magazines aimed at European researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs. Results can be found on our project-homepage