BLUEPRINT is the short name for "Blueprints for an Integration of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy". The network was designed to examine the relationship between S&T and environmental policies considering the complexity of factors influencing innovation and environmental decisions in firms. The objective of the network was to promote dialogue between the socio-economic research community, policy makers, industry and intermediate organisations in Europe in order to enhance policy coherence in addressing sustainable development issues.The final report on "Blueprints for an Integration of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy" as a result of the final conference is planned to stimulate new policy initiatives in this area. The final report can be downloaded from the project website


Europäische Kommission , Brüssel , BE

Project duration

20.04.2001 - 31.12.2003

Project members

Dr. Klaus Rennings (Coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziegler

Cooperation partner

Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology, Maastricht, NL
Avanzi - idee ricerche e progetti per la sostenibilita, Mailand, Neapel, IT
Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Gesundheitsforschung, München, DE
Queens University, Belfast, UK