The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) annually gathers data, since 1993, in regards to the innovation behaviour of the German economy. The innovation survey covers the areas of mining, manufacturing, energy, construction, producer services and distributive services. The survey is representative of Germany and enables expansion for the German economy in total as well as for single industries. The sponsor is the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF). The survey is carried out in co-operation with infas (Institute of Applied Social Science) and Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research (ISI).
The annual innovation survey is designed as a panel survey. Thereby, the same enterprises are included every year. Every two years the sample is refreshed by a random sample of newly founded firms in order to substitute enterprises which are closing or left market through mergers.
The Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP) provides important information about the introduction of new products, services and processes, the expenditures for innovations and how the economic success achieved with new products, new services and improved processes. In addition, the survey gives information about the factors which promote and also hinder innovation activities of enterprises. The innovation survey from ZEW lays an important basis for evaluating Germany’s technological performance. The MIP serves to cover the technology and economic-political demand for information concerning innovation processes and to indicate starting points for a policy aiming at strengthening innovation in the German economy.
The ZEW places value on the fact that the whole scientific community benefits from the MIP. The data is placed at the disposal of external users in an anonymous form (Scientific Use File / Education Use File) for scientific, non-commercial purposes. At the moment more than 100 scientists use the Scientific Use files, and over a dozen of researchers visit ZEW’s Research Data Centre every year. In order to facilitate exchange among researchers, ZEW regularly organises scientific conferences in the field of innovation economics.

Innovation survey results are published through various channels:

  • More than 130 Discussion Papers present research results that were produced using MIP data.
  • Annual Indicator and Background Reports provide a summary of main results in the field of innovation statistics.
  • Results on innovation indicators for individual sectors are presented in Sector Reports on Innovation.
  • MIP data have also been widely used for several innovation policy reports and reviews.

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