Focus of the Junior Research Group:

  • Influence of Social Policy and Immigration on Integration
  • Impact of Immigration on the Labour Market
  • Interaction of Perceived and Actual Integration with Social Policy

The Junior Research Group IMES (Integration of Migrants and Attitudes Towards the Welfare State) devotes it’s time to investigating the dimensions of the various economic and social effects of immigration to Germany in recent years using microeconometric methods. On the one hand it analyses how individual characteristics as well as regional and socio-political conditions strengthen the labour market integration of migrants and refugees, and on the other hand it contributes to a better understanding of the effects of immigration on the host country’s society, especially on former migrant groups and natives of various education and skill levels.

Scientific Advisory Council

Precedent Projects

The aim of the research project was to assess short-run causal effects of the recent humanitarian immigration to Germany with microeconometric methods and new data sets, in order to provide an objective basis for the refugee debate. Further information can be found on the project page Short-Term Economic and Social Effects of Humanitarian Immigration.

This project investigates whether employees who immigrated to Germany at an earlier point in time have indeed benefited disproportionately from the recent increase of immigration. Further information can be found on the project page Employment Effects of Humanitarian Immigration on Previous Migrant Groups.

The Real-World Laboratory: Asylum Seekers project in the Rhine-Neckar region focused on identifying the factors necessary for the quickest possible social integration of asylum seekers in the towns of Heidelberg, Sinsheim, and Wiesloch. Further information can be found on the project page Real-World Laboratory: Asylum Seekers.


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