Publications of the Research Group Inequality and Public Policy

  1. Refereed Journal // 2023

    Women Leaving the Playpen: The Emancipating Role of Female Suffrage

    The role of women in Western societies changed dramatically in the 20th century. We study how political empowerment affected women’s emancipation as reflected in their life choices like marital decisions and…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 22-061 // 2022

    Immigration and the Top 1 Percent

    We study the contribution of migrants to the rise in UK top incomes. Using administrative data on the universe of UK taxpayers, we show migrants are over-represented at the top of the income distribution, with…

  3. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2022

    Inanspruchnahme und Verteilungswirkungen

  4. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 22-027 // 2022

    Climate Change Mitigation: How Effective Is Green Quantitative Easing?

    We develop a two sector incomplete markets integrated assessment model to analyze the effectiveness of green quantitative easing (QE) in complementing fiscal policies for climate change mitigation. We model…

  5. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 22-026 // 2022

    ZEW-EviSTA: A Microsimulation Model of the German Tax and Transfer System

    This article describes ZEW-EviSTA®, the microsimulation model developed and used at ZEW - Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim. The model simulates the German tax and transfer system using household…

  6. Discussion and Working Paper // 2022

    Government Expenditure in the DINA Framework: Allocation Methods and Consequences for Post-Tax Income Inequality

    Constructing measures of post-tax income inequality that are consistent with national accounts requires the allocation of the entirety of government expenditure to individuals. About half of government…