Projects of the Research Unit Environmental and Climate Economics

Abgeschlossene Projekte

  1. Project // 01.01.1995 – 31.07.1996

    Success stories for renewable Energy

    In this project it was shown which framework conditions contributed to the success in recent years of electricity generated from wind energy in the countries under investigation. This meant first of all accounting…

  2. Project // 01.01.1995 – 31.10.1996

    European SO2 Certificate Model

    The goal of the research project was to develop a ready-to-run SO2 certicificate model with respect to the implementation of the Oslo objectives in the EU-15. The power supply industry in the EU-15 was chosen as…

  3. Project // 01.11.1994 – 28.02.1995

    Environmental impact of ecological tax reform

    Based on the study of the DIW (German Institute for Economic Research) on the economic effects of reformed energy taxation, its environmental efficiency was assessed using the structural represeantation of overall…

  4. Project // 01.07.1994 – 31.03.1995

    The influence of certification of tropical timber and hardwood products from sustainable forestry

    This project constituted of a qualitative and quantitative assessement of demand-side reactions to a system of tropical hardwood certification. Point of departure represented an analysis of the use of tropical…

  5. Project // 01.03.1994 – 01.05.1995

    Deriving a Conceptual Framework for the Assessment and Exploitation of Market Potentials in the Contracting Business

    It is the aim of this project to erect a conceptual framework for the contacting business of the MVV Energy Group. This includes, on the one hand, recommendations on how to integrate the contacting activities…