Projects of the Research Unit Environmental and Climate Economics

Abgeschlossene Projekte

  1. Project // 20.04.2001 – 31.12.2003

    Blueprints for an Integration of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (BLUEPRINT)

    BLUEPRINT is the short name for "Blueprints for an Integration of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy". The network was designed to examine the relationship between S&T and environmental policies…

  2. Project // 01.04.2001 – 31.12.2009

    Allocative and Distributive Effects of Tax and Transfer Policies

    In this project, the existing system of models, PACE, will be further developed. The aim is to analyse the effects of taxation and social security contributions on the level and the structure of unemployment. The…

  3. Project // 01.04.2001 – 31.03.2002

    Model experiment III of the Forum for Energy Models and Energy Economic Systems Analysis in Germany: Environmental and Climate Protection in liberalised Energy Markets

    The liberalisation of European electricity and gas markets initiated in February 1996 leads to major structural changes in the energy industry. The competition now developing prompts firms in a at once challenging…

  4. Project // 01.03.2001 – 31.12.2003

    Policy-Frameworks for the Development of International Markets for Innovations of a Sustainable Economy - from Pilot Markets to Lead Markets

    The project analysed the conditions for the emergence of lead-markets for innovations of a sustainable development. It has developed policy-recommendations which are able to support the world-wide diffusion of…

  5. Project // 01.02.2001 – 31.07.2002

    Climate Change Policy and Global Trade (CCGT)

    The project aims at providing advice to European policy makers about the best strategy for climate change mitigation, within the framework of the Kyoto protocol and the provided flexibility instruments, focusing…

  6. Project // 01.01.2001 – 31.08.2004

    Development of an Econometric Model to Analyse the Effects of Regulatory and Pricing Measures in Freight Transport

    The latest forecasts show, that we will encounter a strong growth in freight transport in the next few years. The objective of this study is to analyse the potential to bring freight to other means of transport.…

  7. Project // 01.01.2001 – 30.06.2003

    Assessment and Dissemination Activity on Major Investment Opportunities for Renewable Electricity in Europe Using the REBUS Tool (ADMIRE-REBUS)

    The ADMIRE-REBUS project aims at reducing barriers to further development of renewable electricity production in the EU, particularly:

    • Uncertainty on the side of potential investors on the size and value of the EU…
  8. Project // 01.01.2001 – 31.12.2003

    Climate Platform

    Regarding the future design of climate policy on national, European and international levels, a series of questions have yet to be answered, ranging from the analysis of the incentive effects of different designs…

  9. Project // 01.11.2000 – 31.08.2003

    The Relationship Between Environmental Performance and Shareholder Value

    The aim the project was to analyse the relationships between shareholder performance and environmental performance. In the first part we used firm-level data (stock price, sustainability rating, ...) and estimate…