Publications of the Research Unit Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2022

    Patent Collateral and Access to Debt

    We investigate how intangible capital in form of intellectual property, such as patents, might mitigate financing constraints. While scholars have already argued that patents might have a signalling value…

  2. Discussion and Working Paper // 2022

    Technology Mapping Using WebAI: The Case of 3D Printing

    The diffusion of new technologies is crucial for the realization of social and economic returns to innovation. Tracking and mapping technology diffusion is, however, typically limited by the extent to which…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2022

    The Interplay between Product Innovation, Publishing, Patenting and Developing Standards

    Firms use a variety of practices to disclose the knowledge generated by their R&D activities, including, but not limited to, publishing findings in scientific journals, patenting new technologies, and…