Publications of the Research Unit Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics

  1. ZEW expert brief // 2021

    A New China Shock?

    China has set itself some very ambitious goals. It aims to become the world’s leading nation in science and technology (S&T) before 2050. According to the 14th five-year plan, China’s gross expenditures on…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    Misappropriation of R&D Subsidies: Estimating Treatment Effects with One-Sided Noncompliance

    We investigate the misappropriation of R&D subsidies and evaluate its consequences for policy effectiveness. Using Chinese firm-level data for 2001-2011, we identify that 42% of grantees misused R&D subsidies,…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    The Long-Term Effect of Research Grants on the Scientific Output of University Professors

    A major source of research funding for university professors are competitive research grants. With focus on Luxembourg, we present results from a difference-in-difference analysis which show that research grants…