Publications of the Research Unit Digital Economy

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 23-018 // 2023

    How Do Managers Form Their Expectations About Working From Home? Survey Experiments on the Perception of Productivity

    The recent shift towards working from home (WFH) has far-reaching implications for social and economic outcomes. While firms are gatekeepers for the ongoing diffusion of flexible work arrangements, there is…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 23-011 // 2023

    Firm Digitalisation and Mobility – Do Covid-19-Related Changes Persist?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked hope that firm digitalisation will result in long-lasting reductions in mobility and related carbon emissions via the use of working from home and online services. In this…

  3. Refereed Journal // 2023

    German Financial State Aid During COVID-19 Pandemic: Higher Impact Among Digitalized Self-Employed

    In response to strong revenue and income losses facing a large share of self-employed individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the German federal government introduced a €50bn emergency-aid program. Based on…

  4. ZEW expert brief No. 23-01 // 2023

    Fünf Sterne für ein Halleluja

  5. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2023

    IEDS – Incentives and Economics of Data Sharing

  6. ZEW policy brief No. 23-02 // 2023

    Human Oversight Done Right: The AI Act Should Use Humans to Monitor AI Only When Effective

    The EU’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) is meant to ensure safe AI systems in high-risk applications. The Act relies on human supervision of machine-learning algorithms, yet mounting evidence…