Publications of the Research Unit Corporate Taxation and Public Finance

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 21-063 // 2021

    Centralized Procurement and Delivery Times: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Italy

    We study how delivery times and prices for hospital medical devices respond to the introduction of centralized procurement. Our identification strategy leverages a legislative change in Italy that mandated…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 21-059 // 2021

    Buyers’ Workload and R&D Procurement Outcomes: Evidence From the US Air Force Research Lab

    Does workload constitute a bottleneck to a public agency’s mission, and if so, to what extent? We ask these questions in the context of the US government’s procurement of R&D. We link tender, contract, patent,…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 21-055 // 2021

    The Future of the European Fiscal Union: Survey Results From Members of National Parliaments in France, Italy and Germany

    Using data from a unique survey of members of parliaments in France, Germany and Italy in 2018, we estimate the effects of three dimensions on EU and euro area fiscal reform preferences: nationality, political…