Publications of the Research Unit Corporate Taxation and Public Finance

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 98-21 // 1998

    Lending Relationships in Germany - Empirical Evidence from Survey Data

    We examine empirically the role of lending relationships in determining the costs and collateral requirements for external funds. The data originate from a recently concluded survey of small and medium-sized…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 98-03 // 1998

    Quasi - Monte Carlo Methods in Stochastic Simulations - An Application to Fiscal Policy Simulations using an Aggregate Disequilibrium Model of the West German Economy 1960-1994

    Different stochastic simulation methods are used in order to check the robustness of the outcome of policy simulations with a macroeconometric model. A macroeconometric disequilibrium model of the West German…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 98-40 // 1998

    Empirical Macromodels Under Test - A Comparative Simulation Study of the Employment Effects of a Revenue Neutral Cut in Social Security Contributions

    In the paper we simulate a revenue-neutral cut in the social security contribution rate using five different types of macro- / microeconomic models, namely two models based on time-series data where the labour…