Projects of the Research Unit Corporate Taxation and Public Finance

  1. Project // 21.09.2020 – 30.06.2021

    Political structures financing in the Member States

    This project examines how political parties are financed in the member states of the European Union.

  2. Project // 01.09.2020 – 31.12.2022

    Nudging for Tax Compliance: A Meta-Analysis

    Tax compliance nudges -- behavioral interventions that aim to increase tax compliance without changing the underlying economic incentives of taxpayers -- are used increasingly by governments because of their…

  3. Project // 01.09.2020 – 31.07.2021

    The preference for simple economic policies – Causes and Remedies

    The project builds on the established knowledge that many people often have little knowledge of political and economic relationships. We want to investigate whether and to what extent…

  4. Project // 01.07.2020 – 01.07.2021

    Effective Levels of Company Taxation within an Enlarged European Union and Related Supporting Services – Update 2020

    Pursuing the goals of the Lisbon Strategy, the European Commission addresses the malfunctioning of the Internal Market due to corporate tax obstacles. In this context, effective tax burdens reveal possible…

  5. Project // 25.05.2020 – 28.02.2021

    Update 2020 of the Country Index for Family Enterprises

    In the year 2006, ZEW had developed the Country Index for Family Enterprises on behalf of the Stiftung Familienunternehmen. The objective of this index is an international comparison of investment locations…

  6. Project // 01.05. – 31.08.2020

    Crisis resilience of family owned firms

    While the magnitude and length of the economic crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be reliably evaluated at this early stage, it is certain that the wide-ranging countermeasures to the …

  7. Project // 01.05.2020 – 31.05.2021

    Options for the Post-COVID-19 Stabilization of the Eurozone

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is not only a humanitarian crisis, but also a drastic economic crisis. While the course can hardly be predicted, it is already foreseeable today that the economic and…

  8. Project // 01.04.2020 – 31.12.2022

    Uniform Pricing in Healthcare Procurement

    In 2017, healthcare expenditure in Germany amounted to €380 billion, or €4,544 per inhabitant, increasing by 4.7% compared to 2016 (Statistisches Bundesamt, 2019). Part of this expenditure comes from the…

  9. Project // 01.03. – 30.09.2020

    Public Country-by-Country Reporting – Update 2020

    During the debate on base erosion and profit shifting of multinational firms, the claim for the disclosure of certain tax-related information on a per-country basis, the so called country-by-country reporting…