1. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Birth Cohort Size Variation and the Estimation of Class Size Effects

    We show that in school systems with grade retention or redshirting birth cohort size is negatively related to the grade-level share of students who are too old for their grade. This compositional effect gives…

  2. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Short and Long-Run Distributional Impacts of COVID-19 in Latin America

    We simulate the short- and long-term distributional consequences of COVID-19 in the four largest Latin American economies: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. We show that the short-term impact on income…

  3. Discussion and Working Paper // forthcoming

    Strategies under distributional and strategic uncertaint

    I investigate the decision problem which arises in a game of incomplete information under two different types of uncertainty - uncertainty about other players’ type distributions and about other players’…

  4. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // forthcoming

    Bewertungskriterien von Fördersystemen aus ökonomischer Sicht

  5. ZEW Monthly // 2023


    From Equal Pay Day to International Women's Day, March is all about gender equality and women's rights. These symbolic days underline the importance of women for society and the economy: they often have to…

  6. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 23-010 // 2023

    The Effect of Staged Project Management on Product Innovation: Evidence from a Firm Survey

    This study examines whether staged project management is beneficial or harmful for making product innovations. Using a unique firm survey for Japan, we find that firms that employed staged project management had…

  7. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 23-009 // 2023

    Serving the Right Menu of R&D Policy Instruments to Firms: An Analysis of Policy Mix Sequencing

    The R&D policy instrument mix concept has become increasingly important for understanding how public R&D support drives firm-level R&D. To-date, empirical studies have conceptualised the instrument mix as a…