1. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets

    Consumers acquire information through their own search efforts or through word-of-mouth
    communication within their social network. Information diffusion leads to free-riding and
    less active search. Free-riding…

  2. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Acquisition Experience and the Winner’s Curse in Corporate Acquisitions

    The winner’s curse describes the behavioural phenomenon that the winner of a bidding contest pays a price that is too high. This paper shows that experiential learning cannot prevent a winner’s curse on the…

  3. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Worst-Case Equilibria in First-Price Auctions

    The usual analysis of bidding in first-price auctions assumes that bidders know the distribution of valuations. We analyze first-price auctions in which bidders do not know the precise distribution of…

  4. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    The demand for public flood protection under a compulsory private flood insurance scheme

    After the 2021 flood events in Germany, the introduction of compulsory flood insurance is debated. However, insurance coverage for private buildings and belongings may undermine the willingness to pay for…

  5. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Birth Cohort Size Variation and the Estimation of Class Size Effects

    We show that in school systems with grade retention or redshirting birth cohort size is negatively related to the grade-level share of students who are too old for their grade. This compositional effect gives…