Like all other policy fields and the revenue side, structural policies are subject to the current general review of the European budgetary system. Against this background this analysis considers dual and interdependent research questions: On the one hand the study examines the strengths and weaknesses in the current system of EU structural policies and discusses reform options. On the other hand it quantitatively evaluates which budgetary consequences the different reform options as well as the continuance of the status quo would generate.

Executive Summary (as PDF File, 66 KB)

Heinemann, Friedrich, Tobias Hagen, Philipp Mohl, Steffen Osterloh and Mark O. Sellenthin (2009), Zukunft der EU-Strukturpolitik, Mannheim.




Heinemann, Friedrich
Hagen, Tobias
Mohl, Philipp
Osterloh, Steffen
Sellenthin, Mark O.


EU-Strukturpolitik, Kohäsionspolitik, EU