ZEW Expertises

  1. Expertises // 2003

    The Effective Tax Burden on Highly Qualified Employees - An International Comparison

    This study presents estimates of the effective tax burden on highly qualified companies in eight European countries and the United States. It accompanies a study on the effective tax burden on companies, which…

  2. Expertises // 2002

    Public Research Institutes in Germany.

    This report provides an overview on the role of public research institutes in the German system of innovation and discusses recent developments in institutional reforms at this type of public research…

  3. Expertises // 2002

    RTD Evaluation Toolbox

    With the ever-growing importance of knowledge in the economy, science and technology-induced innovation will be decisive for meeting the Lisbon process target of making the European Union "the most competitive…

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Kerstin Heres

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