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Researchers at the ZEW participate in scientific debates by publishing their papers. The papers are predominantly in English (marked). For the German papers an English abstract is available. The contributions are intended for a final publication in special interest titles. The discussion papers can be downloaded as PDF or PostScript files starting from 1.1.1998. They aimed at national and international target groups.

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2000

    Returns to Education in West Germany - An Empirical Assessment

    This paper analyses the developments in the returns to education in West Germany for the period from 1984 to 1997. Based on simple Mincer-type wage equations, we estimate a return of about 8% for men and 10% for…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2000

    Lower Wages for Less Hours? A Simultaneous Wage-Hours Model for Germany

    Productivity growth has been slow in many continental European countries overthe last few decades, especially in comparison with the United States. It has been argued thatlack of product market competition and…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2000

    Employment Effects of Work Sharing - An Econometric Analysis for West Germany

    In this paper we estimate the employment effects of a reduction in weekly normal hours in West German manufacturing on the basis of an econometric models using industry panel data. We distinguish between…

  4. ZEW Discussion Paper // 1999

    New technologies and the demand for heterogeneous labor: Firm-level evidence for the German business-related services sector

    This paper investigates the impact of modern information and communication technologies on the demand for heterogeneous labor. It starts with an interrelated factor demand system. The "desired" level of…

  5. ZEW Discussion Paper // 1999

    Measuring Knowledge Spillovers in Manufacturing and Services: An Empirical Assessment of Alternative Approaches

    In this paper it is tested which of the various alternative approaches for constructing knowledge spillover pools suggested in existing literature measures the extent to which a rm can costlessly receive…

  6. ZEW Discussion Paper // 1999

    Regional Stabilization by Fiscal Equalization? Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence from Germany

    In the context of EMU fiscal equalization schemes have been proposed as a means to stabilize regions against asymmetric shocks. A theoretical analysis shows that besides reducing the cross-sectional income…

  7. ZEW Discussion Paper // 1999

    The Impact of Information Technology on High-Skilled Labour in Services: Evidence from Firm Level Panel Data

    This paper analyses the link between the high-skilled employment share and information technology (IT) in the service production process. Obviously, not all firms employ university graduates. To account for…

  8. ZEW Discussion Paper // 1999

    Do Business-related Services Really Lag Behind Manufacturing Industries in the Business Cycle?

    In an a priori view, it is usually assumed that the business cycle of manufacturing industries leads the business cycle of the service sector. This seems to be even more plausible for the relationship between…

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