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Researchers at the ZEW participate in scientific debates by publishing their papers. The papers are predominantly in English (marked). For the German papers an English abstract is available. The contributions are intended for a final publication in special interest titles. The discussion papers can be downloaded as PDF or PostScript files starting from 1.1.1998. They aimed at national and international target groups.

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2003

    Economic Implications of Alternative Allocation Schemes for Emission Allowances

    Political feasibility of emission trading systems may crucially depend on the free initial allocation of emission allowances to energy-intensive industries in order to ameliorate adverse production and…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2003

    Will the (German) NAIRU Please Stand up?

    This paper deals with a critical assessment and a reestimation of the \non{accelerating in ation rate of unemployment" (NAIRU) for Germany. There are quite a few obstacles to perceiving the NAIRU as an…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2003

    Revisiting the Impact of Union Structures on Wages Integrating Different Dimensions of Centralisation

    In a framework of a unionised oligopoly, this paper reconsiders the impact of the bargaining structure on union wages. In particular, two dimensions along which centralisation may occur, namely the professional…

  4. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2003

    Three Approaches to the Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policy in East Germany Using Regional Data

    Using different regional data sources for East Germany the three largest active labour market policy (ALMP) programmes – job creation schemes (JCS), structural adjustment schemes (SAS) and public training (PT) –…

  5. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2003

    Firm Level Innovation and Productivity - Is there a Common Story Across Countries?

    Recent studies have documented extensive heterogeneity in firm performance within countries, and innovation has been found as an important determinant. This paper addresses the issue of innovation firm…

  6. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2003

    Extent and Evolution of the Productivity Gap in Eastern Germany

    Since the German re–unification in 1990, Eastern Germany is a transition economy. After a phase of catching up of productivity with respect to Western Germany from 1991 to 1996, the growth rates in the producing…

  7. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2003

    Publicly Funded R&D Collaborations and Patent Outcome in Germany

    The stimulation of co-operations has become very popular in R&D policies in recent years. This paper describes the history of R&D funding in Germany with a focus on the development of measures encouraging…

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