The studies in this volume bear witness to a maturing of High Technology Small Firms (HTSF) research. In the past, HTSF research has produced some solid findings, but also several paradoxes: shedding more light on the unintended and paradoxical effects of technology developments regarding HTSFs is now one of the aims of research in this field, and an observed change in the focus of the research agenda is reflected in this book. Although many of the topics have also been covered in earlier volumes, a gradual shift from descriptive case or survey studies to more explanatory studies, with an objective of understanding the processes that drive HTSF development, now becomes apparent. The study on the internationalisation of British and German start-up companies in high-technology industries is a comprehensive analysis and exemplary for multivariate economic approaches in this field of research.

Bürgel, Oliver, Andreas Fier, Georg Licht and Gordon Murray (1999), The Internationalisation of British and German Start-up Companies in High-Technology Industries, in: R. Oakey and W. During New Technology Based Firms, Vol. VI, Elsevier, London,. Download


Bürgel, Oliver
Fier, Andreas
Licht, Georg
Murray, Gordon


start-up, technology, internationalisation, Germany, United Kingdom