This study investigates start-up activity in Germany as a whole and for the country’s R&D-intensive sectors in particular, over the period from 1995 to 2006. To this end, a sample of young, high-tech firms was surveyed the results analysed. The study centres on the phenomena of spin-offs from research, outsourcing and financing for young hightech firms.

Gottschalk, Sandra, Helmut Fryges, Georg Metzger, Diana Heger and Georg Licht (2007), Start-ups zwischen Forschung und Finanzierung: Hightech-Gründungen in Deutschland, in Zusammenarbeit mit Microsoft, Mannheim. Download




Gottschalk, Sandra
Fryges, Helmut
Metzger, Georg
Heger, Diana
Licht, Georg


Hightech-Gründungen, Spinoff-Gründungen, Finanzierung, high-tech start-ups, spin-offs, financing