Which countries offer the best markets for renewables? Are present support policies sufficient to meet the EU renewables target for 2010? Which renewable technologies will have the largest growth in the present decade? The ADMIRE REBUS project has addressed these questions by giving an outlook on the future of electricity from renewable energy sources. The ADMIRE REBUS project team has analysed the market barriers, support policies and potentials for renewable electricity production in Europe. For these analyses a new tool was developed that simulates the development of the European renewable electricity market under different policy scenarios. The report starts with describing the approach and key assumptions used in the analysis. Next, an overview is provided of EU legislation and different support policies for renewable energy. After a brief overview of the different challenges that an investor faces when investing in renewable energy technologies with respect to lead times, risks and transaction costs, several policy scenarios for the future are discussed. Next, the report presents ADMIRE REBUS model analyses of different policy strategies for meeting the targets stated in the EU Renewables Directive. The report continues the analysis of model results with presenting prospects for individual technologies and market prices under different scenarios. Next, case studies are presented for four different EU Member States. The analysis results are put into perspective by a sensitivity analysis. Finally, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are formulated based on the above.

Uyterlinde, M.A., B.W. Daniels, M. de Noord, H.J. de Vries, C. de Zoeten-Dartenset, K. Skytte, P. Meibom, D. Lescot, Tim Hoffmann and Marcus Stronzik (2003), Renewable electricity market developments in the European Union; Final Report of the ADMIRE REBUS project , ECN report, ECN-C--03-082. Download


Uyterlinde, M.A.
Daniels, B.W.
de Noord, M.
de Vries, H.J.
de Zoeten-Dartenset, C.
Skytte, K.
Meibom, P.
Lescot, D.
Hoffmann, Tim
Stronzik, Marcus


Renewable Electricity, Quantitative Analysis