ZEW policy briefs


ZEW policy briefs are four-page documents, containing brief and lucid information on ZEW research results of practical significance for business, policy, and administration. At the moment, several ZEW policy briefs are being edited.

  1. ZEW policy brief No. 13-06 // 2013

    The Research Use Exemption from Patent Infringement – Boon or Bane?

    A research use exemption enables companies or research institutions to apply patented know-how of third parties for research purposes for free without being sued for hurting patent rights.Depending on the extent…

  2. ZEW policy brief No. 13-05 // 2013

    The Division of Tasks, Offshoring and Efficiency Gains

    Recent developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) and the growth of emerging economies such as China and India have not only increased international trade but have also led to offshoring of…

  3. ZEW policy brief No. 13-04 // 2013

    Incentives and Creativity

    In knowledge-intensive economies, ideas and innovation are key drivers of a company’s competitiveness and success. In such a climate a company must strategise methods designed to incentivize the generation of…

  4. ZEW policy brief No. 13-03 // 2013

    Public Support to the European Auto Industry

    Public intervention in the automotive industry has a long, global history. In Europe, both, individual member states and the European Union (EU), often allocate public resources to automobile manufacturers…

  5. ZEW policy brief No. 13-02 // 2013

    Entry, Exit, and Pricing Strategies at Online Price-Comparison Sites

    The aim of this project is to investigate the competitive behaviour of e-commerce firms over the course of the product lifecycle for consumer electronics such as digital cameras, IT hardware, and smartphones. We…

  6. ZEW policy brief No. 13-01 // 2013

    Start-up Financing: How Credit Ratings and Bank Concentration Impact Credit Access

    Start-ups, especially those in high-tech industries, are an important force for innovation. They contribute to the competitive success of the economy, and help to create new jobs. Bank financing is the most…

  7. ZEW policy brief No. 12-02 // 2012

    Public Funding of Innovation Projects

    Increasing investment in innovation has been a major goal of research and innovation policy in Europe over the past decade. Yet to secure competitive advantage and achieve growth, R&D investment has to be…

  8. ZEW policy brief No. 12-01 // 2012

    FIRE for the Euro

    The aggravating turbulences in the market for euro government bonds have so far precluded any recovery from the debt crisis. The key problem is that structural reforms and consolidation measures have long impact…