ZEW policy briefs


ZEW policy briefs are four-page documents, containing brief and lucid information on ZEW research results of practical significance for business, policy, and administration. At the moment, several ZEW policy briefs are being edited.

  1. ZEW policy brief No. 20-02 // 2020

    Covid-19 Crisis and the Expected Effects on R&D in Businesses

    The measures to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus have brought large parts of the global economy to a standstill. This is likely to push Germany and many other countries into a deep recession in 2020. The…

  2. ZEW policy brief No. 20-01 // 2020

    Global Corporate Tax Reform to the Worse? Assessing the OECD Proposals

    The ongoing digitalization has set the ground for new means of value creation that create considerable challenges for the existing system of global corporate taxation. Understanding digital business models and…

  3. ZEW policy brief No. 19-09 // 2019

    Knowledge Flows between Science and Industry and How to Measure Them

    The exchange of knowledge between science and industry has been a focus of innovation research and policy for many decades. New developments in the way technologies are generated, shared, and transferred into…

  4. ZEW policy brief No. 19-08 // 2019

    Klimaabkommen von Paris: Die vereinbarten dynamischen Anreize wirken kontraproduktiv

    Hopes in the 2015 Paris Agreement are high that global warming will be limited to the two-degree target agreed on by the various signatory states. To this end, substantial climate protection contributions are…

  5. ZEW policy brief No. 19-07 // 2019

    Wärmewende im Gebäudesektor: Lasst den CO2-Preis wirken

    More than 80 per cent of the individual energy consumption of households in Germany is used for heating and hot water. Since the majority of installed heating systems still run on fossil fuels, the buildings…

  6. ZEW policy brief No. 19-06 // 2019

    Mehr Transparenz bei Suchergebnissen auf Onlineplattformen nützt den Verbrauchern

    The way search results are listed on Internet platforms has a decisive influence on which goods are purchased and which services are booked. However, not every position and recommendation on these platforms is…

  7. ZEW policy brief No. 19-05 // 2019

    Is Mandatory Country-by-Country Reporting Effective? – Early Evidence on the Economic Responses by Multinational Firms

    Over the past decade, policymakers, non-profit organizations, and the media have demanded greater transparency by multinational firms regarding their global operations and tax payments. These demands are…

  8. ZEW policy brief No. 19-04 // 2019

    Reallabor Asylsuchende in der Rhein-Neckar-Region: Vielfalt an Problemen - Vielfalt an Lösungen

    Germany is currently faced with the task of accommodating many fugitives and opening up new life perspectives for them. The individuals that have come to Germany to seek protection in recent years do not form a…

  9. ZEW policy brief No. 19-03 // 2019

    Plädoyer für eine evidenzbasierte Politik in der Debatte um Grenzwerte und Tempolimits

    In the current transport policy debate on inner-city pollution levels and speed limits on motorways, it is common that advocates and opponents of certain measures exchange arguments that completely lack…