One aim of the Innovation Union is to promote Openness and Europe’s Creative Potential. In order to achieve this goal 5 different commitments have been implemented within the Innovation Union: - C19: Creative Industries - C20: Open Access to Research Results / Research Information Services - C21: Facilitating Effective Collaborative Researchand Knowledge Transfer - C22: Develop a European knowledge market for patens and licensing - C23: Safeguard against the use of IPRs for anti-competitive purposes The report provides a literature review for each of these commitments which will serve as input for the impact assessment in the next step of the H2020 project I3U Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union.

Anic, Ivan-Damir, Michele Cincera, Maja Jokic, Martin Hud, Maikel Pellens, Bettina Peters and Anabela Santos (2016), Promoting Openness and Capitalizing on Europe’s Creative Potential – Literature Review and Data Collection, I3U Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union – Deliverable D5-1, Brussels, Mannheim and Zagreb. Download


Anic, Ivan-Damir
Cincera, Michele
Jokic, Maja
Hud, Martin
Pellens, Maikel
Peters, Bettina
Santos, Anabela