Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2008

Performance von akademischen Spinoff-Gründungen in Österreich

Graduates and researchers from public research institutions contribute through various channels to the transfer and diffusion of new knowledge, one of which is the start-up of their own enterprises. The goal of this paper is to examine if the implementation of new research results from scientific institutions in a new founded firm, which we call research spin-offs, leads to a better firm performance as other businesses within research- and knowledge intensive industries. We compare several firm performance measures (e.g. firm growth, innovation activities) using a matching approach.

Egeln, Jürgen, Christian Rammer, Helmut Fryges, Sandra Gottschalk and Helmut Gassler (2008), Performance von akademischen Spinoff-Gründungen in Österreich, in: Joachim Merz, Reinhard Schulte, Joachim Wagner (Eds.), Vol. 4, LIT Verlag, Münster u.a., 93-116

Authors Jürgen Egeln // Christian Rammer // Helmut Fryges // Sandra Gottschalk // Helmut Gassler