The paper stresses the importance of India for global climate protection and suggests an institutional framework to establish Joint Implementation as a 'Clean Development Mechanism' in India. We have identified sizeable CO2-reduction projects in the energy sector and heavy industries sector of India which can be successfully implemented jointly by India and industrialised countries inducing positive externalities for the Indian society. Nevertheless, the Indian Government has been very tentative with respect to promoting Joint Implementation in climate negotiations. Therefore, we hope that the suggestion in our paper to establish an institutional framework for Joint Implementation in India will be submitted to the delegates of the Indian Government, e.g. by environmental lobbyists.

Bräuer, Wolfgang and Oliver Kopp (1999), Indien als Gastland für Joint Implementation-Projekte, Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik und Umweltrecht 3, 385-412.


Bräuer, Wolfgang
Kopp, Oliver


Klimapolitik, CDM, Joint Implementation, Indien