The measurement of the effective tax burden on profitable investments encounters many methodological problems. Some of them can be overcome by using an approach presented by Devereux and Griffith. Based on their methodology, we develop a measure for effective tax rates for profitable investments which is directly connected with the well-known concept of effective marginal tax rates and thus can show whether an investment is favoured or discriminated against by a simple comparison with the statutory tax rate. Also, we show the connection between this approach and widespread calculations based on net present values. The methodology and the measures are classified with respect to their applicability and their advantages and disadvantages compared with other approaches.

Schreiber, Ulrich, Christoph Spengel and Lothar Lammersen (2001), Effektive Steuerbelastungen bei Vorliegen ökonomischer Renten, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 01-26, Mannheim, published in: Schmalenbach Business Review 54 (2002), 2-23. Download


Schreiber, Ulrich
Spengel, Christoph
Lammersen, Lothar


Steuerbelastung, Entscheidungsneutralität der Besteuerung, Unternehmensbesteuerung, Kapitaleinkommensbesteuerung