This report analyzes the relationship between firms' investments in digitized technologies and their investments in further training. The analysis is based on a novel data source that was created by the IAB and the ZEW to analyze the behavior of firms in a digitized economy. The study reveals the following results: First, firms that have invested in new digitized technologies also invest more in further training of their employees. Second, firms that invested in digitized technologies are more likely to use digitized forms of training, e.g., e-learning. Third, firms regard the dual apprenticeship system as appropriate to face the upcoming challenges of digitization. However, the digitization led firms train apprentices in other occupations than before, and firms appear to put a greater emphasis on general skills, such as IT qualifications.


Simon, Jansseon
Leber, Ute
Arntz, Melanie
Gregory, Terry
Zierahn, Ulrich


Industrie 4.0; Digitalisierung; Weiterbildung