Latest Press Releases

  1. Research // 18.12.2000

    Knowledge and Technology Transfer: German Internet Service Insufficient

    The internet services available in Germany to transfer technology and skills from public research to the private economy are insufficient. There is a considerable need for politicians to address this issue.…
  2. Research // 13.12.2000

    ZEW Financial Market Survey: Fears of Inflation Curbed by Decline in Economic Expectations

    Economic expectations have fallen to -0.1 points in December, according to the ZEW Financial Market Survey. The barometer has thus fallen into negative figures for the first time in almost two years.
  3. Research // 13.12.2000

    Knowledge Transfer in Public Research Better than Believed

    One in ten companies in Germany engaging in innovation uses scientific findings for the development of new products and processes. The knowledge and technology transfer between academia and businesses works far…
  4. Research // 21.11.2000

    ZEW-Financial Market Tests: Financial Experts Recommend European Shares

    Next year investors should buy primarily European shares: In a model portfolio with shares from Europe, North America, Japan, and the Emerging Markets European values should account for 50 percent of the…
  5. Research // 14.11.2000

    ZEW Financial Market Survey: Economic Expectations Continue to Show Sharp Downward Trend

    According to the latest findings of the ZEW Financial Market Survey in November, the economic expectations of German financial analysts have dropped to 8.7 points. This is the lowest level reached since March…
  6. Research // 07.11.2000

    President of the Association of German Employers Hundt at ZEW: Planned Revision of the Works Constitution Undermines Competitiveness of Businesses

    The "Alliance for Jobs, Education and Competitiveness" has not only contributed to a more moderate wage policy but also to the rejection of exorbitant demands such as lowering the pension age to 60, and,…
  7. Research // 25.10.2000

    Low Growth Dynamics in the Business-related Services Sector

    In the third quarter of 2000, growth dynamics in the business-related services sector have slightly weakened compared to the previous quarter. The seasonally adjusted annual sales growth rate fell from 5.4 per…
  8. Research // 19.10.2000

    ZEW Financial Market Survey: Sharp Decline in Economic Outlook in October

    Following the drop in economic expectations by 40 per cent last month, the indicator has continued its downfall in October declining by 50 per cent. The indicator has thus fallen from 40.8 points in September…
  9. Research // 17.10.2000

    Business-related Service Providers Prevent Start-up Activity from Slipping into the Red

    The number of start-ups in the business-related services sector has increased by about twelve per cent as compared to the previous year. The same goes for East Germany (including Berlin), where the number of…