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  1. Research // 19.11.1999

    Low Compliance with Collective Agreements in the Business-related Services Sector

    The formation of the ver.di trade union for the services' sector planned for this week gives rise to the question as to extent of the compliance with collective agreements in the services sector. In any case,…
  2. Research // 08.11.1999

    Compact Knowledge on Old-Age Insurance on CD-ROM

    The increasingly heated debate on pensions during the last months has revealed that, in the future, individuals will need to make additional pension provisions going beyond the statutory pension insurance in…
  3. Research // 05.11.1999

    Effects of Government Savings Promotion: Majority of Experts Are Optimistic

    In the context of the current discussion about the introduction of privately funded elements into the old-age security system, the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim conducted a survey…
  4. Conferences // 04.11.1999

    Vernissage and Exhibition at ZEW

    From November 15 to December 23, 1999, ZEW (L 7,1 68161 Mannheim) will host an exhibition with works by Eberhard Fiebig, Nicole König, Wolfgang Thies, and Jens Trimpin. The exhibition is open to visitors Monday…
  5. Research // 29.10.1999

    Services Sector: Innovative Businesses Export More

    Innovative businesses from the services sector export more often than their less innovative competitors. This is the result of a current study by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim. For…
  6. Research // 19.10.1999

    Business-related Service Providers: Slight Increase in Growth

    In the third quarter of 1999, growth in the business-related service sector has slightly weakened in comparison to the previous quarter. The seasonally adjusted annual rate of turnover has increased by half a…
  7. Research // 12.10.1999

    Nuclear Phase out: Risks of Distortion of Competition between Individual Nuclear Plant Operators

    The period until nuclear reactors are shut-down and how to determine it remain a point of contention in the negotiations for a regulated nuclear phase-out. Opponents of nuclear energy, on a political level…
  8. Research // 08.10.1999

    ZEW Survey on the Effects of the Austerity Package

    The reform package proposed by finance minister Eichel will not influence the current labour market situation. This is the result of a current survey conducted by the Centre for European Economic Reseach (ZEW)…
  9. Research // 06.10.1999

    The Resumption of the Ecological Tax Reform – Hardly any Improvements for the Environment

    Due to their cost efficiency, environmental taxes are usually an important means to provide incentives for environmentally friendly economic activity. However, the ecological tax reform in Germany does not…


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