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  1. Research // 19.07.2000

    Business-related Service Providers Experience Economic Upswing

    Business-related service providers are on the rise. In the second quarter of 2000, the seasonally-adjusted rate of annual revenue growth in this sector was 5.4 per cent. Following a short-lived slow-down in the…
  2. Research // 04.07.2000

    ZEW Survey Among Financial Market Experts: Euro Needs Structural Reforms Instead of an ECB Interest Rate Increase

    At slightly more than 90 cents against the dollar, the euro is massively undervalued. Yet, the development of the euro exchange rate is still a matter of concern. An intervention by the European Central Bank,…
  3. Research // 28.06.2000

    Innovations in Manufacturing Industry: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Give away Chances of Success

    Even though small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 500 employees (SMEs) represent the lion's share of companies in manufacturing industry that invests in new and improved products and production…
  4. Research // 20.06.2000

    Labour Market Policy: State Spends Billions - yet Little Success

    Traditional instruments of active labour market policy such as job creation and further education schemes for the jobless that are promoted by the employment offices in order to reintegrate the participants in…
  5. Conferences // 15.06.2000

    ZEW Economic Forum

    National and international perspectives of federalism
  6. Research // 29.05.2000

    Advance Praise for New Stock Exchange Market NEWEX

    ZEW conducted a survey on the expectations for the upcoming inauguration of the "New Europe Exchange" (NEWEX).
  7. Research // 02.05.2000

    Cautious Start into the New Year for Business-related Service Providers

    The continuous upswing in the business-related services sector since mid-1999 weakened in the first quarter of 2000 as compared to the previous quarter. Correspondingly, the seasonally adjusted annual sales…
  8. Research // 03.04.2000

    E-commerce: Many Obstacles Left to Resolve

    A current survey of 400 financial experts by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, shows that e-commerce opens considerable opportunities for growth in certain sectors. However, there are…
  9. Research // 20.03.2000

    Key Objectives of German Tax Reform at Risk

    The intended tax reform by the government falls short of the mark. The government in Berlin intends the reform to strengthen the competitiveness of German businesses as well as the attractiveness of Germany as…


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