Latest Press Releases

  1. Research // 28.08.2001

    Worker Participation Promoting Atypical Forms of Employment

    The strict regulation of the German labour market is preventing many companies from creating permanent full-time positions.
  2. Research // 21.08.2001

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment: Expectations for German Economy Improve Considerably

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment derived from the ZEW Financial Market Survey has increased considerably in August. It is now standing at +11.4 points.
  3. Research // 01.08.2001

    Jobs in the Financial Sector: Winners and Losers

    In the coming five years banks and insurance brokers are likely to see not only a fall in employee numbers, but also a change in the qualifications held by their employees. The majority of firms in the…
  4. Research // 25.07.2001

    Business-related Service Providers: Information and Communications Technologies are Widely Used

    Modern information and communication technologies (ICT) are extremely widely used by business-related service providers in Germany. Individual sectors, however, exhibit different ICT infrastructures.
  5. Research // 25.07.2001

    Economic Downturn Amongst Business-related Service Providers

    In the second quarter of 2001, the annual rate of growth in turnover of business-related service providers fell by 1.3 per cent, to a value of 3.0 per cent. The economic stabilisation seen in the first quarter…
  6. Research // 17.07.2001

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment: Financial Analysts Remain Undecided

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment derived from the ZEW Financial Market Survey has increased again in July. It currently lies at minus 1.9 points. This corresponds to an increase by 6.2 points within a…
  7. Research // 16.07.2001

    Innovation: Business-related Service Providers a Weak Spot of the East German Economy

    IT, technical, consulting and financial service providers are the weak spot in the East German innovation system. Whereas East German enterprises on the whole have largely adjusted to the West German level in…
  8. Research // 11.07.2001

    Information Technology Increases Labour Productivity

    Investment in information technologies significantly increases the user's labour productivity.
  9. Research // 03.07.2001

    ZEW Financial Market Survey: Financial Experts Expect a Takeover Wave in Germany

    Company takeovers are likely to increase considerably from 2002 onwards. This is the result of the monthly ZEW Financial Market Survey by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim. The survey…