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  1. Research // 14.04.2005

    IT-Related Service Providers - Further Drop in Sentiment Indicator

    The ZEW-IDI, sentiment indicator for the economic sector IT-related service providers, has dropped in the first quarter 2005 for the second quarter in a row and now rates at 55.4 points. This value of the…
  2. Opinion // 12.04.2005

    ZEW President Franz Speaks Against Minimum Wages - Protectionism

    Despite claims to the contrary, whenever competition threatens to become too great, protectionism becomes more popular. In 1996, the German Bundestag passed the "Arbeitnehmer-Entsendegesetz" (law on the posting…
  3. Research // 11.04.2005

    European Automotive Industry Faces Strategic Challenge

    Providing six per cent of the overall employment and an annual added value of EUR 114 billion, the European automotive industry is an important driver of the European economy. Its global competitiveness is…
  4. ZEW Annual Report // 07.04.2005

    ZEW Annual Report 2004 Published

    The recently published ZEW Annual Report 2004 includes a presentation of ZEW's development throughout the past business year, outlines the activities of the research and service departments, and gives…
  5. Research // 05.04.2005

    Strategic Research and Funding Prospects for Baden-Württemberg

    Material research, biological/biochemical research methods, medical chemistry, environmental and energy research as well as modern process technologies are of major importance for far-sighted research planning…
  6. Research // 24.03.2005

    MittelstandsMonitor 2005: Revitalising the Economy – Strengthening Domestic Economy and Competitiveness

    Annual report by ZEW, KfW Group, IfM Bonn, RWI Essen and information service provider Creditreform on economic and structural issues facing small and medium-sized enterprises
  7. Research // 24.03.2005

    EU Structural Indicators – Necessary Correction of Yardsticks for Success of Lisbon Strategy

    In 2000, the European Council in Lisbon formulated a strategic plan aimed at transforming the European Union into the most competitive and most dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world by 2010. Today, in…
  8. Research // 23.03.2005

    Survey among Seven OECD Countries – Integrated Environmental Protection Gains International Foothold

    About 76.8 per cent of the companies in Canada, Germany, Hungary, France, Japan, Norway and the United States rely on integrated environmental protection (IEP) to avoid environmental damage.
  9. Research // 15.03.2005

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment March 2005 - Experts Cautiously Optimistic

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany improved slightly by +0.4 points in March. At its current level of +36.3 points compared with +35.9 points in February the indicator continues to lie…


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