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  1. Research // 02.08.2005

    ZEW Energy Market Barometer - Increase in Natural Gas Prices Expected

    In Germany, prices for natural gas will likely rise over the coming six months. Coal prices, by contrast, are expected to remain stable.
  2. Research // 21.07.2005

    ZEW Survey on Important Financial Market Values – Banks Expect Slight Changes in Interest Rates, DAX and Euro Exchange Rates by the End of the Year

    Capital markets are expected to remain rather calm in the coming six months. Neither short-term interest rates nor the DAX or euro exchange rates are to display any major changes. These are the findings of the…
  3. Research // 19.07.2005

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment July 2005 - Indicator Rises Significantly

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany rises in July by a substantial +17.5 points. At its current level of +37.0 points, compared with +19.5 points in June, the indicator again stands slightly…
  4. Research // 18.07.2005

    Service Providers of the Information Society – Dissemination of E-Commerce Slightly Decreasing

    In the second quarter of 2005, approximately 33 per cent of IT-related service providers state that they use the internet as a sales channel to reach end customers. Compared to the previous quarter, this…
  5. Research // 14.07.2005

    IT-Related Service Providers - ZEW-IDI at Peak Level

    The ZEW-IDI, sentiment indicator for the economic sector IT-related service providers, climbed to a score of 62.6 points in the second quarter 2005. With this marked increase, as compared to the previous…
  6. Research // 13.07.2005

    Sustainable Share Indices - Good Performance, Higher Risk

    Investing in shares that are based on social, ethical, and environmental criteria does indeed keep up with investing in conventional return-orientated assets.
  7. Research // 21.06.2005

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment - Pessimism Fades

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany rises by a substantial +5.6 points in June. Having reached +13.9 points in May, the indicator's current level of +19.5 points is still far below its…
  8. Research // 16.06.2005

    Study on the Accuracy of Leading Indicators - ZEW Indicator Provides Highest Forecasting Quality on a Six-month Horizon

    From time to time, the scientific sphere and the public call into question the forecasting quality of leading indicators of economic development. A recent study by the Centre for European Economic Research…
  9. Research // 13.06.2005

    ProgTrans/ZEW Transport Market Barometer - Weakened Growth Prospects in German Transport

    At the "transport logistic 2005" fair in Munich, people talked of booming markets and good prospects for Germany as a logistics hub. The quarterly Transport Market Barometer, a survey conducted by ProgTrans,…


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